Work done the old fashioned way...with pride!

Are you contemplating having a garment monogrammed? Look no further. The New Stitch of Baldwyn, is the the place you'll want to have all of your monogramming done. ​

At The New Stitch, we only use the best products and monogramming equipment to insure your a professional job. When you leave a garment with us to be monogrammed, you can be confident the job will be done right. We are able to provide the best quality by using Madeira thread, which is the industries best thread! Our monogramming equipment is manufactured by Tajima, and is a industry leader and front runner in the monogramming and embroidery field. Yes, you can probably get it done cheaper at other places, but do you really want to compromise on quality? At The New Stitch, quality is never placed in second position. The New Stitch, where work is done the old fashioned way...with pride! 

The New Stitch Monogramming